From Data to Science… Bioinformatics Aplications with Publication Design

We provide bioinformatics application services for a wide variaty of industries and academic fields like drug discovery, biotechnology, cancer research etc.

Bioinformatics Application Specific Fields

Microarrays and sequencing technologies have currently been the one of the mostly used techniques in many industrial and academic fields that require specific bioinformatics applications, data analysis and data interpretation.

We generate publication quality reports specific to an industry, an academy or a person by analyzing data with our experts in bioinformatics field. Accordingly, we provide the following bioinformatics applications.


Our Services

  1. High-throughput Techniques
    1. Next-generation Sequencing
    2. SNP Array
    3. Microarray
  2. Low-throughput Techniques
    1. Gene expression calculation with qPCR
    2. Drug sensitivity calculations
  3. Biomarker Identification
    1. Survival Analysis
    2. Statistical Tests and Mathematical Modelling
    3. Classification Predictions

Next-generation Sequencing (NGS)

NGS is the sequencing process of genetic material in a massive and parallel manner in order to identify base pairs in specific locations. We provide both laboratory and data analysis services in the fields of;

  • Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)
  • Targeted Sequencing
  • Gene Panels
  • Transcriptomics
  • Metatranscriptomics
  • de novo Assembly and Reference Genome Assembly

Our laboratory services includes;

  • DNA/RNA isolation and quantification
  • Library preparation
  • Sequencing and genotyping.

Our data analysis services includes;

  • Quality filtering of raw sequences
  • Mapping to reference genome
  • Identification of variants
  • Medical annotation
  • Gene expression calculation

SNP Arrays and Microarrays

SNP array technology is used to identify the genotypes of specific regions on DNA. Microarrays are used to calculate how much genes are expressed. All the raw data acquired from SNP array and microarray chips should be normalized so that they become comparable across different samples by statistical tests. We are here to serve you for both laboratory and data analysis requirements of these technologies.


Gene Expression Calculation with qPCR

We provide both laboratory and data analysis services for the calculation of the expression of specific genes of your interest in your samples. We can isolate RNA from your samples and calculate the expression of the genes by specific primers, as our laboratory services. We can normalize gene expression values by ΔΔCT method and make your genes comparable across different samples.

Measuring Drug Sensitivity

We can identify drug resistance of your samples by calculating drug resistance parameters, like IC50, IC90, EC50, activity area and activity height, through the most current modelling methods.

Biomarker Identification

We can download and analyze data from publicly available databases to provide you with candidate genes or loci on DNA for your research. We can help you define the way your research goes by performing required analyses about the biological meaning and biological roles of the genes of your interest.

a. Survival Analysis
b. Statistical Comparisons and Mathematical Modeling
c. Classification Estimates