As a well-established company in the field of biostatistics (, we started to provide services in the field of CRO with our experience in the sector.

We continue to provide professional service with our expert staff in the field of clinical research.

Our organisation, which produces fast and high-quality solutions at every moment of your projects, is a contracted research organization (CRO).

Our organisation is a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) serving with its experienced staff in managing clinical projects from the study design to the final stage.

We provide services to pharmaceutical companies and other health institutions for clinical and epidemiological research.

Expert clinical research consultants continue their work in a comprehensive network to support your work at home and abroad.

Our organisation provides services in the fields of clinical research, observational research, epidemiological studies, and medical device studies. We serve as an independent research organisation specialised in Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV clinical trials.

  • Editing Services

Approvals and document revisions that need to be obtained from many places are one of the biggest obstacles to clinical research.

Our organisation undertakes all regulatory services for your work, depending on the requirements. We are by your side with our experienced special team that can provide qualified and fast editing services and conduct extensive research…

Preparation of the First Application File of the Ethics Committee and the Ministry of Health

Preparation of a Report of the Ethics Committee and the Ministry of Health

Preparation of Necessary Presentations

Editing of other documents

  • Monitorisation

All study centres are regularly visited by clinical trial project managers and observers at the prescribed number of times.

The detailed and weekly reports prepared are regularly presented in accordance with the sponsor’s work schedule.

Our monitorisation activities aim to create a qualified database that provides cost-effective management and regular report flows within a certain process.

Thus, the quality of the study to be submitted is strengthened by the findings that give confidence until the final stage determined by the study data.

Clinical trial managers and observers care about the accuracy of your study data and patient safety by ensuring quality through both on-site and remote monitoring.

  • Statistical Analysis, Medical Writing and Translation Services

According to the specific requirements of the project, the following services are provided by our team of specialists.

Medical Writing

Study Design and Protocols

Case report form

Informed consent form

Article and abstract writing

Article revision

Abstract of the Congress Report

Congress poster design

Chapter writing


Translation Services

Article Translation

Translations into local languages (CRF, ICF and protocol)

Translation of documents of the ethics committee and the ministry of health

Statistical Analysis

Preparation of data

Data input

Data control

Table and visualisation of analyses

Reporting of Results of Analysis